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Englisch Deutsch Englisch: Satz Deutsch: Satz Zusatz Kapitel
a pain in the neck tiresome
~ ~ ermüdend
a plan fell thorugh a plan failed
abandon forsake, forfeit
~ ~ aufgeben
about approximately
~ ~ ungefähr
abstract summary
~ ~ Zusammenfassung
accomplish to achieve
~ ~ etwas erreichen
accumulate to build up
~ ~ etwas ansammeln
actuate operate
~ ~ bestätigen
act like behave in a certain way
act up misbehave (for people), not work properly (for machines)
additional extra, auxialiary
~ ~ zusätzlich
add up add, find the total
~ ~ addieren
add up to to total
adequately enough, sufficient
~ ~ ausreichend
adhere bond
~ ~ kleben
adjacent beside, next to
~ ~ daneben
advisory consultative
~ ~ beratend, ratgebend
aft rear, backward
~ ~ rückwärtig, hinten
aid help
~ ~ Hilfe
aim target, finish
~ ~ Ziel
ajar half open
~ ~ halb offen
a lot of wide range of, many
~ ~ viele von
allowed permit, approve
~ ~ erlaubt
amount quantity
~ ~ Menge
angry enraged
~ ~ wütend
annual yearly
~ ~ jährlich
annul abolish
~ ~ aufheben
anxiety fear
~ ~ Furcht
annoy to irritate, to bother
~ ~ jemanden verärgern
to answer to reply
~ ~ antworten
anyway besides
~ ~ also
apparent obvious
~ ~ offensichtlich
appear to seem
~ ~ scheinen
applicable relevant
~ ~ zutreffend
appreciable considerable
~ ~ beträchtlich
ardour passion
~ ~ Leidenschaft
arise occur
~ ~ sich ergeben
aromatic fragrant
~ ~ aromatisch
to arrive to reach
~ ~ einen Ort erreichen
arrogant haughty
~ ~ arrogant
artful crafty
~ ~ schlau, geschickt
ascertain determine
~ ~ ermitteln
ask out ask for a date
~ ~ zum Ausgehen einladen/verabreden
assume granted
~ ~ annehmen
to assure to guarantee
~ ~ versichern
attached mounted, fixed
~ ~ befestigt
attractive appealing
~ ~ attraktiv
at once immediately
~ ~ sofort
authentic genuine
~ ~ echt
avoid prevent
~ ~ verhindern
away absent
~ ~ weg sein
awful terrible
~ ~ schrecklich
awkward embarrassing, cumbersome, clumsy
~ ~ peinlich, ungeschickt
A bad workman always blames his tools Ein schlechter Handwerker schimpft immer auf sein Werkzeug
A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush Lieber ein Spatz in der Hand als die Taube auf dem Dach
a flash in the pan eine Eintagsfliege, ein Strohfeuer
a friend in need is a friend indeed Freunde in der Not gehen tausend auf ein Lot
A miss is as good as a mile Knapp daneben ist auch vorbei
A new broom sweeps clean Neue Besen kehren gut
A picture is worth a thousand words Ein Bild sagt mehr als tausend Worte
A rolling stone gathers no moss Wer rastet, der rostet
A sharp tongue does not mean that you have a keen mind Eine spitze Zunge macht noch keinen scharfen Verstand
A stitch in time saves nine Vorbeugen ist besser als heilen
Absence makes the heart grow fonder Die Liebe wächst mit der Entfernung
Actions speak louder than words Die Tat wirkt mächtiger als das Wort
All good things come to an end Nichts dauert ewig
All that glitters is not gold Es ist nicht alles Gold was glänzt
All`s well that ends well Ende gut,_alles gut.
All roads lead to rome Alle Wege führen nach Rom
All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy Arbeit allein macht nicht glücklich
A cobbler should stick to his last Schuster bleib bei deinem Leisten
Any Tim, Dick or Harry jeder x-beliebige, Jeder Hinz und Kunz
As thick as a brick Dumm wie Bohnenstroh
As you make your bed, so you must lie Wie man sich bettet, so liegt man
A golden key can open any door Geld regiert die Welt
A penny saved is a penny got earned Wer den PFennig nicht ehr, ist des Talers nicht wert
After the gathering comes the scattering Wie gewonnen, so zerronnen
backbone spine
~ ~ Wirbelsäule
backside behind, buttom, bum
~ ~ Hinterteil, Hintern
back out of walk or drive backward instead of forward
back up when an outside force moves an item backwards
back down Not follow throw with a statement or a threat, retreat from a statement or opinion
back off to stop in the middle of physically or verbally threatning someone; physically retreat
~ ~ nachgeben
bad (not good) poor, naughty
~ ~ schlecht
baggage luggage
~ ~ Gepäck
ballot poll
~ ~ Abstimmung
bargain deal
~ ~ übereinkunft
bay wheel-well
~ ~ Schacht
to bear on something to affect
~ ~ etwas/ jmd. betreffen
to beat to defeat
~ ~ jmd. schlagen/ besiegen
be careful take care
~ ~ vorsichtig
becoming fitting
~ ~ passend
to begin to start
~ ~ anfangen
before prior to
~ ~ bevor
to behave to act
~ ~ sich verhalten
bear down on to pressure someone; browbeat (to bully)
~ ~ jmd. einschüchtern
beating about the bush approach a subject/ issue without coming to the point
beg off decline a invitation; asked to be excused
bear up endure
~ ~ aufrechterhalten
believable plausible
~ ~ glaubhaft
belly stomach
~ ~ Magen
bendy flexible
~ ~ biegsam
beneficiant generous
~ ~ wohltätig; gütig
beneficial favourable, advantageous
~ ~ nützlich
beverage to drink
~ ~ Getränk
bid tender
~ ~ Angebot
bizarre weird
~ ~ seltsam
blameless innocent
~ ~ unschuldig
bloodbath masacre
~ ~ Blutbad
bloodless cold
~ ~ emotionslos
blow in visit someone unexpectly
blow up to inflate/ to have an angry emotional outburst
bone up on review or study, brush up on
~ ~ büffeln
boundary border
~ ~ Grenze
branch department
~ ~ Abteilung
brand sort
~ ~ Sorte
brave courageous
~ ~ mutig
break down list parts or sections of something seperately
break in wear or use sth. new for a limited amount of time, increasing the time little by little; to treat a new product in a special way for a limited time
break in on to interrupt
~ ~ unterbrechen
break into interrupt
~ ~ unterbrechen
break up disperse, scatter
~ ~ auflösen
break up with end a personal relationship
brief concise
~ ~ kurz bündig
bring back bring back sth. you are dissatisfied with or have borrowed
bring off accomplish sth. difficult
~ ~ erfolgreich durchführen
bring on cause to happen
~ ~ verursachen
bring over bring to where you are going
bring to to revive the consciousness
~ ~ näherbringen
bring up mention, talk about
~ ~ erwähnen
bring out reveal
~ ~ aufzeigen
to bring sth. back to reintroduce
~ ~ etwas wieder einführen
to bring sth. on to cause
~ ~ etwas verursachen
to bring sb. up to raise
~ ~ jmd. aufziehen
to be like chalk and cheese to be very different
brow forehead
~ ~ Stirn
brush out to sweap the inside of sth.
~ ~ ausbürsten
brush up on review or study briefly, bone up on
build up consists of
~ ~ besteht aus
bussines comerce, trade
~ ~ Geschäft
busy (telephone) engaged (telephone)
~ ~ besetzt (Telefon)
burn up to feel very angry
burn up/ burn down destroyed by fire
butt in impolitely interrupt a conversation to give an unasked-for opinion
~ ~ reinreden
butter up praise so. excessively with the hope of getting some benefit
~ ~ Honig um den Bart schmieren
buy out buy a person's or company's shar of sth.
~ ~ Aufkauf
buy up purchase eth. thath's available of sth.
by between, through
~ ~ durch
Barking dogs never bite bellende Hunde beißen nicht.
Barking up the wrong tee sich auf dem Holz weg befinden
to beat about/around the bush Um den heißen Brei herumreden
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder Schönheit liegt im Auge des betrachters, Über Geschmack lässt sich streiten
BEauty is only skin deep Es ist nicht alles Gold was glänzt
Before you can say Jack Robinson Im Handumdrehen
Beggars cannot be choosers In der Not frisst der Teufel Fliegen
Better late than never Besser spät als nie
Better safe than sorry Vorsicht ist besser als Nachsicht
Broken crockery brings you luck Scherben bringen Glück
Business before pleasure Erst die Arbeit, dann das Vergnügen
His bark is worse than his bite bellende Hunde beißen nicht
Blodd is thicker than water Blut ist dicker als Wasser
Birds of a fleather flock together Gleich und gleich gesellt sich gern
call of cancel sth. that's been scheduled
call for require (as in a recipe or directions)
call up to telephone
calm down become less agitated or help someone else become less upset
candy sweet
~ ~ Süßigkeit
catch trap
~ ~ fangen
catch on (to) understand (I got it)
to categorize to classify
~ ~ einordnen
to change your tune to change your opinion
care for tend to, take care of
carry on continou to do things as they had been done before/persevere
carry over continue to use/apply at another time or place
carry out fulfill/complete/perform
carry on with continue to do sth. without stopping
carrying coals to Newcastle unnecessary
~ ~ "Eulen nach Athen tragen"
catch on develop a knowledge or understanding of something
chart table
~ ~ Tabelle
charter constitution
~ ~ Satzung, Verfassung
check in (into) register for an event or at a place of lodging
check off mark a list to show sth. is completed/finished
check out pay for items beeing bought
cheesy corny, tacky
~ ~ geschmacklos, billig
cheer up cause to become happier
chew out scold severely
~ ~ jmd. zusammenstauchen
chiefly mainly
~ ~ hauptsächlich
chicken out lose courage and back down from a plan
~ ~ Den Schwanz einziehen
chip in each person in a group contributing money to buy sth.
~ ~ zusammenlegen
choosy picky
~ ~ wählerisch
to chop to cut
~ ~ schneiden
chop up cut sth. big into smaller pieces
chorus refrain
~ ~ Refrain
citation quotation
~ ~ Zitat
to cite to quote
~ ~ etw./ jmd. zitieren
clam up refuse to talk
calm down become less upset
class lesson, course
~ ~ Unterricht
clean wipe-off
~ ~ säubern
clean up put eth. back in its proper place
clean out clean the inside of sth., taking out eth. not needed
clean off clean the surface of sth; take eth. that's on the surface (table or counter) off
~ ~ abreiben
clemency mercy
~ ~ Gnade
clear out to make people or animals leave a particular place/to remove
~ ~ vertreiben
clear up talk about misunderstanding to make it understandable
~ ~ aufklären
clerk receptionist
~ ~ Hotelangesteller
clever intelligent
~ ~ klug, schlau
crack of dawn day-break, sudden
~ ~ Tagesanbruch
to closer to shut
~ ~ schließen
close down to stop operations or business temporarily
coiffure hairstyle
~ ~ Frisur
to collapse to break down
~ ~ zusammenbrechen
to collect to gather
~ ~ etwas sammeln
come across find by accident/ to honor a deal
~ ~ zufällig finden
come through win/suceed/survive in spite of obstacles
come along with accompany
~ ~ begleiten
come down with to begin to get sick, catch a disease
comfort consolation
~ ~ Trost
complacent self-satisfied
~ ~ selbstgefällig
component part
~ ~ Teil
confidence faith
~ ~ Vertrauen
confirm/ to conform verify/ to comply
~ ~ übereinstimmen
connection conjunction
~ ~ Verbindung
continue proceed, go ahead
~ ~ fortsetzen
contamintation pollution
~ ~ verschmutzt
customary usual
~ ~ üblich, gewöhnlich
comic comedian
~ ~ Komiker
commencement graduation
~ ~ Abschlussfeier
complete total
~ ~ vollständig
completely totally
~ ~ völlig
concord harmony
~ ~ Eintracht
condemn to sentence
~ ~ jmd. verurteilen
confederate complice
~ ~ Komplize
to confine to restrict
~ ~ etwas beschränken
conflict clash
~ ~ Konflikt
to confuse to mix up
~ ~ durcheinander bringen
to connect to associate, to put through (telephone)
~ ~ verbinden
considerate thoughtful
~ ~ rücksichtsvoll
constancy fidelity
~ ~ Treue
constant fixed
~ ~ fest
constitution structure
~ ~ Zusammensetzung, Struktur
construction (lit.) interpretation
~ ~ Konstruktion (lit.)
to consult to refer to
~ ~ nachschlagen
contemporary modern
~ ~ zeitgemäß
continous continual
~ ~ andauernd
contrary opposite
~ ~ Gegenteil
convention conference
~ ~ Versammlung
to convery to communicate
~ ~ etwas vermitteln
to cope to manage
~ ~ zurechtkommen
the way the cookie crumbles you can't change things
count in include
~ ~ mitzählen
count out don't include
~ ~ nicht mitzählen
count up calculate
crook criminal
~ ~ Gauner
cross out/cross off to delete sth. from a list/eliminate
crusaid campagne
~ ~ Kampagne
cube dice
~ ~ Würfel
off-the-cuff decision spontaneous decision
curative healing
curler roller
~ ~ Lockenwickler
cussed stubburn
~ ~ stur
cut off cut a portion from a solid piece
cut down reduce the quantity
cut out eliminate, delete
cut back on use or do less of sth.
cut it out an order to stop doing sth.
conceited arrogant
centenarian a person who is in hundred or more than one hundred years old
to clinch a deal to fix deal
a callous thief a tough burglar
to call of to cancel
corpse dead body
customary usual
~ ~ üblich
crafty clever, keen, fraudulent, deceitful
captivate enchant
~ ~ begeistern
coincident chance
comprise consist off
~ ~ beinhalten
(my father) crossed the road died, passed away
Charity begins at home, or: blodd is thicker than water Nächstenliebe beginnt zu Hause., Oder: blut ist dicker als Wasser
Close but not cigar Knapp daneben ist auch vorbei
Children and fools tell the truth Kinder und Betrunkene sagen immer die Wahrheit., oder: Kindermund tut Wahrheit kund
Clothes make the man Kleider machen Leute
He was caught red-handed Er wurde auf frischer Tat ertappt
damage harm, defect, fault
~ ~ Schade
decay ruin, deterioration
~ ~ Abstieg, Ruin, Verfall
defective imperfect, fault, damaged
~ ~ defekt, fehlerhaft
defiant disobedient, defy
~ ~ keck, trotzig
deficiant bad, faulty, inadequate, lacking
~ ~ mangelhaft
dependable reliable
~ ~ zuverlässig
designation desciption
~ ~ beschreiben
dash sprint
~ ~ Lauf (Kurzstrecke), Sprint
daybreak dawn
~ ~ Dämmerung
deceptive misleading
~ ~ irreführend
decontrol deregulate
~ ~ etwas freigeben
to deduce to infer
~ ~ etwas folgern
dedicated committed
~ ~ engagiert
deliberate/deliberately planned/intentionally
~ ~ absichtlich
delicate fragile
~ ~ zerbrechlich
to denationalize to privatize
~ ~ privatisieren
denims jeans
to denote to indicate, to represent
~ ~ bedeuten hinweisen
to deprave to corrupt
~ ~ jmd. verderben
depraved wicked, evil
~ ~ verdorben, böse
to desert to abandon
~ ~ etw. verlassen
deserted abandoned
~ ~ verlassen
destiny fate
~ ~ gewagt
die off/out become extinct, disappear
to differentiate to distinguish
~ ~ unterscheiden
to dimisnish to decrease
~ ~ etwas vermindern
disadvantaged diprived
~ ~ benachteiligt
disagreeable unpleasant
~ ~ unangenehm
to disappear to vanish
~ ~ verschwinden
disaster catastrophe
~ ~ Katastrophe, Unglück
to disclaim to deny
~ ~ etw. abstreiten
to disclose to reveal
~ ~ etw. bekanntgeben
discount reduction
~ ~ Rabatt
disgrace shame
~ ~ Schande
disagree with cause physical discomfort (allergic reaction)
do away with get rid of, abolish
~ ~ abschaffen
do without deprive oneself
~ ~ verzichten auf
do in make very tired
do over repeat an action
domesticate cultivate
~ ~ zähmen
dossier file
~ ~ Akte
dubious doubtful
~ ~ zweifelhaft
dull (person) stupid
~ ~ begriffsstutzig
dust off to clean the surface
dust out wipe the dust from inside of sth.
different various
~ ~ verschieden
destructive deadly
~ ~ zerstören
develop design, construct
~ ~ entwickeln
divided split, seperated
~ ~ getrennt
drain dump
~ ~ ablassen
draw out prolong
~ ~ hinauszögern
draw up create a written document (usually a legal one,_like a contract)
dreary dull
~ ~ düster
drive back return by car to the original location or starting point
dres up to wear more formal clothes, not everyday clothes
drop by casual visit with no warning
drop out of quit, stop attending a course before it's finished
the penny has dropped the result was achieved, the meaning was
a dubious decision a questionable decision
to dismiss s.o. to send s.o. away,_to fire s.o.
to dismantle to pull down
in danger in jeopardy
in deficient sufficient
~ ~ ausreichend
to depend on contingent on sth. or wb.
directives instructions
durable lasting, enduring
~ ~ dauerhaft
deceive betray, mislead
~ ~ betrügen
don't make a meal of it don't exaggerate
drag pull, bore
~ ~ ziehen
drag on last longer than one expected
~ ~ sich in die Länge ziehen
drawback disadvantage, hindrance, handicap, deficiency
~ ~ Nachteil
Do lunch or be lunch Fressen oder gefressen werden
Don't cross a bridge till you come to it Alles zu seiner Zeit
Don't count your chicken before they are hatched Lobe den Tag nicht vor dem Abend.
Don't mock the afflicted. Werd den Schaden hat,_braucht für den Spott nicht zu sorgen.
Dripping hollows out rock. Steter Tropfen höhlt den Stein
Don't judge a book by it's cover. Der Schein trügt.
eager keen
~ ~ begeistert, begierig sein
earth soil
~ ~ Erdreich
eat up eat at a restaurant instead of in your home
eat up eat the whole amount of sth.
economic profitable
~ ~ rentabel, profitabel
egocentric selfish
~ ~ egozentrisch, emporheben
egg on to urge, to dare (usually do sth. negative)
to emphasize to stress
~ ~ etwas betonen
to encounter to come across
~ ~ jmd. treffen
enormous huge, immense
~ ~ riesig
to enquire to investigate
~ ~ sich erkundigen
equity fairness
~ ~ Gerechtigkeit
essential fundamental
~ ~ unabdingbar
to establish to set up
~ ~ etwas gründen
to evaluate to assess
~ ~ etwas einschätzen
everlasting eternal
~ ~ ewig
exactly precisely
~ ~ genau
except apart from
~ ~ außer
to expire to run out
~ ~ ablaufen
to explode to blow
~ ~ explodieren
extra additional
~ ~ zusätzlich
exhaustive thoroughly
~ ~ erschöpfend, gründlich
eternity perpetuity
~ ~ Ewigkeit
essential necessary, important
~ ~ wesentlich
end up finally arrive at a planned or unplanned place
enlarge amplify
~ ~ erweitern
enthralled charmed, delighted, captivated
~ ~ begeistert
endurance persitence, perseverance
~ ~ Ausdauer
eventually finally
~ ~ schließlich
Easy come easy go. Wie gewonnen,_so zerronnen.
Enough is as good as a feast Allzuviel ist ungesund
Every Jack will find his Jill Jeder Topf findet seinen Deckel
Every man is the architect of his own fortune Jeder ist seines Glückes Schmied
face up to Acknowledge the reality of sth., acknowledge one's responsibility
fall off decrease, lessen
~ ~ verringern
fall behind not progress at the expected rate/not be able to do sth. at the same speed as other people are doing it
~ ~ in Rückstand geraten
fall back on depend on for an emergency
~ ~ zurückkommen auf
fall thorugh a plan or deal didn't happen, fail
to fabricate to manufacture
~ ~ herstellen
famend renowned
~ ~ berühmt
fanatic enthusiast
~ ~ fanatisch
fantastic great, brilliant
~ ~ toll
feel up to feel strong enough physically or emotionally to do sth.
(the report) didn't figure didn't make sense
to float to drift
~ ~ treiben
fool idiot
~ ~ Dummkopf
foolish silly
~ ~ dumm
to foretell to predict
~ ~ vorhersagen
to feel put out to feel annoyed or angry
formerly previously
~ ~ früher
fortunate lucky
~ ~ glücklich
foxy cunning
~ ~ gerissen, raffiniert
foyer lobby
~ ~ Vorhalle
fragrance parfume
~ ~ Parfüm
French dressing vinaigrette
~ ~ Dressing
to function to operate
~ ~ funktionieren
to be fed up with to be tired of
fervent ardent, passionate
~ ~ leidenschaftlich
follow observe
~ ~ befolgen
forbidden prohibited
~ ~ verboten
fraudulent deceitful, tricky, treacherous
~ ~ betrügerisch
from scratch from the very beginning
fortnight in two weeks
frank open
figure on expect
figure out solve a problem, find an answer, understand another person's behavior
fill in add material if some is missing
fill up fill completely
fill in for substitute for
fill out gain weight
find out discover
find out about discover, learn, investigate
It's fishy suspicious
~ ~ suspekt
fix up repair to make more attractive or funtional
fly back return by air
fly over fly to over an area, to fly to some specific point
Fair exchange is no robbery Tausch ist kein Raub
Few sandwiches short of a picnic Nicht alle Tassen im Schrank haben
Fine feathers make fine birds Kleider machen Leute
First come, first served Wer zuerst kommt, mahlt zuerst
For Pete's sake Um Gottes Willen, Menschenskind
Fortune favours fools Dumme haben immer Glück
Far from eye far from heart Aus den Augen aus dem Sinn
garbage rubbish
~ ~ Müll
garbage can trashcan
~ ~ Mülleimer
to get jacked up to get into serious trouble
to get hold of the wrong end of the stick to completely misunderstand someone, to get the worst of it
to get sidetracked by a red herring by diversionary tactic
~ ~ Durch ein Ablenkungsmaneuver abgelenkt werden
to glitter to sparkle
~ ~ funkeln, glitzern
to grab to seize
~ ~ etwas ergreifen
grasping greedy
~ ~ gierig
gratuity tip
~ ~ Trinkgeld
gravestone headstone
~ ~ Grabstein
to grouse to grumble
~ ~ nörgeln
gut intestine
~ ~ Darm
get obtain, receive
~ ~ erhalten, bekommen
get across communicate clearly, explain sth. to make yourself understood
get around avoid sth., evade
get away with escape
~ ~ entkommen
get by with/without use little effort
~ ~ auskommen mit geringem Aufwand
get over, get passed accept sth negative that happened, and not feel pain about it anymore, feel hopefull about the future
get by (on/with) barely manage in a difficult situation/survive with difficult
get ahead to make progress, surpass
get ahead of get in front of
get along with have a relationship that have no conflict
get down to bussines, brass tacks (informal) become serious about sth.
get on enter a large vehicle (bus,_train,_plane,_etc.)
get on with continue
get off excused from a regular activity
get out of leave a small vehicle
get rid of give or throw away
get through with finish
get up change from a sitting or prone position, stand up
get in gain admission
~ ~ Eintritt erhalten
give back return
give out distribute or spread the news
~ ~ Neuigkeiten verbreiten
grave imminent
~ ~ ernst, bedrohlich
gravy sauce
~ ~ Soße
garments clothes
go back return
go back on fail to keep a promise
go for really like, be attracted to
go in for take part in, be interested in
go off explode
goof off (informal) be lazy, no do anything productive
go on with continue
go out with have an appointment or a date
go over review
go with harmonize with a match
go without to not have sth.
gregarious student a social student, a student fond of company
Good things come to those who wait Was lange währt, wird endlich gut
Great minds think alike Zwei Dumm, ein Gedanke
Garbage in, garbage out Aus nichts wird nichts, Von nichts kommt nichts
hall corridor
~ ~ Diele
to hand sth. out to distribute
~ ~ verteilen
hand down announce a decision or law
hand in (turn in) submit sth. in person (not by mail)
~ ~ etwas persönlich einreichen
hand out distribute personally
hand over surrender sth., return, give back
handsome good-looking
~ ~ gutazssehend (Mann)
hand around walking or waiting doing nothing while being somewhere
hang-out haunt
~ ~ Treffpunkt
hang up, hang up on keep waiting for conditions to improve (opposite of "give up")
happily fortunately
~ ~ zum Glück
hard tough
~ ~ hart (schwierig)
he hits the roof he loses his temper
to have a row to have an argument
to hawk to peddle
~ ~ hausieren gehen
to hazard to endanger
~ ~ etwas gefährden
to hold up lift higher
have on wear clothes
have over invite so. to your home
have to do with relate to, be with
hearsay rumour
~ ~ Gerüchte
hold off delay
hit on find out, discover accidentally
hear from receive telephone or mail communication
hold on to keep possession of
hold out against resist
hold out refuse to come to an agreement
hermetic airtight
~ ~ luftdicht
highbrow intellectual
~ ~ intellektuell
hint trace, tip
~ ~ Spur
hole gap
~ ~ Loch
home domestic
~ ~ häuslich
homicide murder
~ ~ Mord
housebreaking burglary
~ ~ Einbruch
hunger starvation
~ ~ Hunger, Verhungern
to hurry to rush
~ ~ sich beeilen
to have a clue to have an idea, to know, to solve a problem
hypothesis speculation
~ ~ Spekulation
habit sttle
~ ~ Gewohnheit
happens occurs
~ ~ passiert
hazardous dangerous, perilous
~ ~ gefährlich
honest sincere
~ ~ ehrlich
horror dismay
~ ~ Schrecken
hostile unfriendly, enemy
~ ~ feindlich
to have the flu to be ill
to hesitate to be reluctant
~ ~ zögern
to humiliate the opposition to degrade (disgust) the opposition
~ ~ Die Gegenseite herabwürdigen
hence therefore
~ ~ folglich
hint suggestion, indication, reference, remark
hardware store ironmongery
Harm set, harm get Wer anderen eine Grube gräbt, fällt selbst hinein
He deserved the break Das war das Glück des Glücklichen
He is a chip of the old block Der Apfel fällt nicht weit vom Stamm
He had reckoned without his host Er hat die Rechnung ohne den Wirt gemacht
He who makes no mistakes, makes nothing Wer nichts macht, macht nichts verkehrt
Honesty is the best policy Ehrlich währ am längsten
He who laughs last laughs longest Wer zuletzt lacht, lacht am besten
idler loafer
~ ~ Faulenzer
if Whether
~ ~ ob
to ignore to disregard
~ ~ ignorieren
illiberal intolerant
~ ~ intolerant
to illuminate to clairify, to light up
~ ~ etwas erhellen
to illustrate to demonstrate
~ ~ etwas zeigen
to imagine to suppose, to assume
~ ~ etwas glauben, annehmen
to imitate to mimic
~ ~ etwas nachmachen
imidiate instant
~ ~ sofort
immobile motionless
~ ~ bewegungslos
immoderate excessive
~ ~ übermäßig
immodest conceited
~ ~ eingebildet
to impact to affect
~ ~ jmd./etwas beeinflussen
illustrated shows
~ ~ zeigen
immense tremendous
~ ~ enorm, riesig
impervious impenetrable
~ ~ undurchlässig
indeficient sufficient, enough
~ ~ genügend
inevitable unvertain
~ ~ unvermeindlich
install putting in, insert
~ ~ einbauen
in spite of nevertheless
~ ~ trotzdem
invade concuer
~ ~ eindringen
impartial neutral
~ ~ unparteiisch
inopportune inappropriate
~ ~ unangebracht
impasse deadlock
~ ~ Sackgasse
impassive emotionless
~ ~ Ausdruckslos
to impeach to question
~ ~ etwas anzweifeln
impediment obstacle
~ ~ Hindernis
imperative vital
~ ~ unerlässlich
impolite rude
~ ~ unhöflich
incidentally by the way
~ ~ übrigens
inconsiderate thoughtless
~ ~ rücksichtslos
indisputable indeniable
~ ~ nicht wiederlegbar
infamous notorious
~ ~ berüchtigt
infantile childish
~ ~ kindisch
to infect to contaminate
~ ~ etwas verunreinigen
inflexible rigid
~ ~ starr, steif
inflow influx
~ ~ Zustrom
informal casual
~ ~ lässig
infrequent rare
~ ~ selten
inheritor heir
~ ~ Erbe
innocent harmless
~ ~ harmlos
insolvent bankrupt
~ ~ zahlungsunfähig
to inspect to examine
~ ~ etwas untersuchen
instinct intuition
~ ~ gefühlsmäßig
instructions directions
~ ~ Anweisung
insufferable unbearable
~ ~ unerträglich
insufficient inadequate
~ ~ unzureichend
insupportable intolerable
~ ~ unerträglich
insurgent rebel
~ ~ Aufständischer
intellectual mental
~ ~ geistig
to intend to mean
~ ~ etwas wollen
to intensify to heighten
~ ~ etwas verstärken
interplay interaction
~ ~ Zusammenspiel
inventory stock
~ ~ Inventar
invoive bill
~ ~ Rechnung
to ivolve to entail
~ ~ etwas mit sich bringen
isolated lonely
~ ~ einsam
iron out resolve a problem
~ ~ Ein Problem lösen
it's a piece of cake It's easy
I wouldn't live in that dump if you paid me! Hier möchte ich nicht begraben sein.
If you put yourself in my shoes Wenn du an meiner Stelle wärst
If wishes were horses, beggars would ride Wenn das Wörtchen "wenn" nicht wär,_...
In for a penny, in for a pound Wer a sagt, muss auch B sagen
It's foolish to fear that which you cannot avoid. Fürchte nicht,_was du nicht vermeinden kannst.
It's never too late to mend Zur Umkehr ist es nie zu spät
It's too late to shut the barn door after the horse has bolted Es ist zu spät,_etwas zu tun,_nachdem das Kind in den Brunnen gefallen ist/der Zug abgefahren ist.
It never rains out it pours Ein Unglück kommt selten allein
It takes two to tango Es gehören immer zwei dazu
It's raining cats and dogs Es regnet wie aus Kübeln
jealous envious
~ ~ neidisch sein
joy delight
~ ~ Freude
to jack up lift with a jack (device used to lift a heavy object,_like a car)
jump all over (informal) scold angrily
~ ~ herunterputzen
Justice was never done but so. complained Gerechtigkeit geschieht nicht, ohne dass sich jemand beklagt
knowingly deliberately
~ ~ absichtlich
to know the ropes to know all the answers or do be in the know
keep at persevere/put time and energy into sth. until it's finished
keep up continue, maintain the place
keep on continue
kick out expel a person
knock out to hit so. and make them unconscious/be hin ´t and made to be unconscious
knock (oneself) out work much harder than normal
Kill two birds with one stone Zwei Fliegen mit einer Klappe schlagen
Knowledge is power Wissen ist Macht
link connect
~ ~ verbinden
liquid fluid
~ ~ flüssig
lacking missing
~ ~ an etwas mangeln
last final
~ ~ letzte
leave out to omit
~ ~ weglassen
let down disappoint
~ ~ enttäuschen
let out allow to leave
let up slower or less intense
lay off to dismiss employees from a job becauase a company down't have the money to pay them
leading main
~ ~ führend
to learn to memorize
~ ~ sich einprägen/lernen
to lend a sympathetic ear to s.o. to listen to s.o.
to have a lot to be desired the report was admirable
ligitimate valid, lega
~ ~ rechtmäßig
lethal deadly
~ ~ tödlich
leaveable habitable
~ ~ wohnlich
light up light, brighten
lie down on fail to take care of a responsibility because of laziness
~ ~ zurücklegen
lie down recline
~ ~ zurücklegen
live on support oneself by
live down to do sth. morally wrong, and make people forget that you did it
livid furious
~ ~ zornig
loopy crazy
~ ~ verrückt
look in on chek on so. by actually seeing them
look on watch sth. that's happening, i.e., a fight, an accidenr, etc., but not get involved
look after take care of, tend
look back on remember with nostalgia
look down on regard so. as inferior
look forward to anticipate with pleasure (thoughts about sth. happening in the future)
look into investigate
~ ~ untersuchen
look over read, inspect/review
look like resemble
~ ~ ähneln
look up to respect for a person
lousy awful
~ ~ miserabel
lucid clear
~ ~ klar, deutlich
luck out (informal usage) have sth. of good fortune occur
Lies have short legs., Lies don't travel far. Lügen haben kurze Beine
Like father, like son Wie der Vater, so der Sohn, Der Apfel fällt nicht weit vom Stamm
Listeners hear no good of themselves Der Lauscher an der Wand hört seine eigne Schand'
Love is blind Liebe macht blind
Lucky at cards, unlucky in love Glück im Spiel, Pech in der Liebe
mackintosh waterproof coat
~ ~ Regenmantel
madness insanity
~ ~ Wahnsinn
magician conjuror, sorcerer, wizard, warlock
~ ~ Zauberer
magistrate Justice of Peace
~ ~ Richterschaft
to magnify to exaggerate
~ ~ aufbauschen
to maintain to preserve
~ ~ erhalten
make over redo, remake
make fun of make jokes about so. in an unkind way/unsult
make up for compensate
make for (very informal use) go toward
make uo/make up with to get along well with a person after having had an argument/re-establish a relationship
make up create fantasy, invent imaginary information, i.e., lies
make out to understand sth. one sees or hears
mark up rase the price
mark down reduce the price, put on sale
manmade artificial
~ ~ künstlich
mannequin model
~ ~ Mannequin
material fabric
~ ~ Stoff (kleidung)
matters things
~ ~ Sachen, Angelegenheiten
maybe perhaps, possibly
~ ~ vielleicht
in the meantime meanwhile
~ ~ währenddessen
measure degree
~ ~ das Maß
meeting assembly
~ ~ Versammlung
mendacity lying
~ ~ Verlogenheit
merciless cruel
~ ~ grausam
middleman intermediary
~ ~ Mittlesmann
midway halfway
~ ~ aufhalbem Weg
to migrate emigrate
~ ~ auswandern
mild gentle
~ ~ sanft, mild
move over move to the side
mix up to be confused, put things in a different order or the wrong order
to mimic to imitate
~ ~ etwas imitieren
mind intellect
~ ~ Verstand
mindless senseless
~ ~ sinnlos
to minimize to play down
~ ~ etwas herunterspielen
to mirror to reflect
~ ~ wiederspiegeln
to misconceive to misunderstand
~ ~ missverstehen
miserable depressing
~ ~ trist, depremierend
misery distress
~ ~ Elend
misread lost
~ ~ verloren, abhanden
mistrust distrust
~ ~ Misstrauen, Argwohn
mo (AE) moment
~ ~ Nu, Moment
moderately reasonable
~ ~ vernünftig, gemäßigt
modern contemporary
~ ~ zeitgemäß
more and more increasingly
~ ~ zunehmend
moreover additionally
~ ~ darüber hinaus
movie film
~ ~ Spielfilm, Film
murderer assassin
~ ~ Mörder
mad insane
~ ~ wahnsinnig
mandatory not optional, compulsory
~ ~ Zwang, Pflicht
minimal least
~ ~ am wenigsten
miniority opposition
~ ~ Minderheit
mobile changeable
~ ~ veränderlich
moist damp
~ ~ feucht
motion movement, maneuver
~ ~ Bewegung
by Monday till/until Monday
magnitude size
moody gloomy, bad tempered
~ ~ launisch
on my mind in my thoughts
Many hands make lights work Viele Hände machen bald ein Ende
Mind your own business Kümmer dich um deinen eigenen Kram
Misery loves company Geteiltes Leid is halbes Leid, Gleich und gleich gesellt sich gern
Mistakes are often the best teachers Fehler sind der beste Lehrer
Monkey see monkey do Affen machen alles nach
Money isn't eth. Geld allein macht nciht glücklich
More haste less speed, Zeal without knowledge is fire without light Eile mit Weile, Blinder Eifer schadet nur
naked bare
~ ~ nackt
nameless anonymous
~ ~ namenlos
napkin serviette
~ ~ Serviette
to narrate to relate
~ ~ erzählen
a narrative a story
~ ~ Eine Erzählung
a native a local
~ ~ ein Einheimischer
to near to approach
~ ~ (sich) nähern
nightfall dusk
~ ~ Abenddämmerung
necessary essential
~ ~ notwendig
nobility the Aristocracy
~ ~ der Adel
nod off fall asleep
to nominate to appoint
non-stop continous
~ ~ ununterbrochen
noon midday
~ ~ Mittag
noted famous
~ ~ berühmt, bekannt
to notify to inform
~ ~ benachrichtigen
notwithstanding however, despite
~ ~ trotz
nugatory wothless
~ ~ wertlos
numerous many
~ ~ zahlreiche
negligible unimportant
~ ~ unwichtig
nomadic migratory
~ ~ wandernd
normally usually
~ ~ normal
novel new
~ ~ neu
Necessity is the mother of invention, Necessity begets ingenuity Not macht erfinderisch
Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today Was du heute kannst besorgen, verschiebe nicht auf morgen
Never spread yourself to thin Du sollst dein Licht nicht unter den Scheffel stellen
No news is good news Keine Nachricht ist eine gute Nachricht
no pains - no gains Ohne Fleiß keinen Preis
Nothing ventured, nothing gained Wer nicht wagt, der nicht gewinnt
No smoke without fire, Where there is smoke, there is fire Wo Rauch ist, das ist auch Feuer
Not all who own a lyre are lyre-players Singe, wem Gesant gegeben
obdurate stubborn
~ ~ halsstarrig
object thing
~ ~ Gegenstand
obligatory compulsory
~ ~ verpflichtend
oblique indirect
~ ~ indirekt
omnipotent all-powerfuk
~ ~ allmächtig
obsolete out of date
~ ~ veraltet, unmodern
off-season low season
~ ~ Nebensaison
to operate to function
~ ~ funktionieren
organic biological
~ ~ biologisch, organisch
ornament decoration
~ ~ Verzierung, Schmuck
outside external
~ ~ außerhalb, draußen
to overhaul to overtake
~ ~ überholen
to overlook to miss
~ ~ übersehen
overseas abroad
~ ~ im Ausland
to oversee to supervise
~ ~ betreuen, beaufsichtigen
obtainable achievable
~ ~ erreichbar
odd strange
~ ~ sonderbar
omnious portentous, baleful, malign
~ ~ unheilvoll
origin source, spring
~ ~ Ursprung, Quelle
original first
~ ~ ursprünglich, zuerst
opposite number counter party
offend hurt, annoy
~ ~ verärgern, verletzen
orderly systematic
otherwise engaged doing sth. different or not getting married
Once bitten twice shy Ein gebranntes Kind scheut das Feuer
Once one has served one's purpose one is simply discarded Das Mohr hat seine Schuldigkeit getan
One good turn deserves another Eine Hand wascht die andere
One man's meat is another man's poison Des einen Freud des anderen Leid
One swallow doesn't make a summer Eine Schwalbe macht noch keinen Sommer
Opportunity makes thieves Gelegenheit macht Diebe
Out of sight, out of mind Aus den Augen, aus dem Sinn
Out of the heat, into the frying pan Vom Regen in die Traufe
pan out succeed
painting portray
~ ~ Gemälde
paper money notes
~ ~ Papiergeld
particular specific
~ ~ besonders, bestimmt
passable satisfactory
~ ~ zufriedenstellend
pattern sample
~ ~ Muster, Probe
peaceable peaceful
~ ~ friedlich
perception insight
~ ~ Erkenntnis
phantasm illusion
~ ~ Trugbild
pocket book notebook
~ ~ Notizbuch
poisonous toxic
~ ~ giftig
possibility opportunity
~ ~ Möglichkeit
post-mortem autopsy
~ ~ Obduktion
practically virtually
~ ~ praktisch
praise compliment
~ ~ Lob
precedence priority
~ ~ Vorrang
precept principle
~ ~ Grundsatz
precept principle
~ ~ Grundsatz
précis summary
~ ~ Inhaltsangabe, Kurzfassung
pressing urgent
~ ~ dringend
previous preceding
~ ~ vorhergehend
priority precedence
~ ~ Vorrang, Vortritt
prompt immidiate
~ ~ umgehend, unverzüglich, sofort
prosperous affluent, flourishing
~ ~ wohlhabend
to provide to supply
~ ~ liefern
provided if
~ ~ falls
to put wth. back to postpone
~ ~ verschieben, vertagen, aufschieben
to put your foot down to become more energetic or resolute, to insist on, to try harder
performance efficiency
~ ~ Leistung
perform realized, accomplished, carry out
~ ~ durchführen
perilous dangerous
~ ~ gefährlich
plain simple
~ ~ klar, einfach
position location
~ ~ Lage
precipitation rainfall
predictable calculable, assessable, computable
to purchase to buy
to participate in to take part in, to share in, to be involved
pass off i.e. an event: take place, be carried through i.e. a pain: to end
pass away die
pass on transmit
pass out distribute by personal contact
pass up not be able to receive the benefit of sth. because you refused it
pay back repay
pay off pay a debt in full
pitch in contribute time/energy to help s.o.
pick out choose
pick on tease
~ ~ schikanieren
pick up lift
play down de-emphasize/minimize
play-up emphasize
play up to insincerely flatter
~ ~ jmd. schöntun
point out indicate
point up emphasize
pull in arrive
pull down destroy
pull out leave, remove
pull over drive to the side of the road
put up with tolerate
prison jail
postpone put off
promotion advancement
pun wordplay, paranomasia
push through cause to be accepted
put away place an item in the right or safe place
put back return to the right place
put off procrastinate, delay
put on get dressed in clothes
put a person out cause inconvenience
~ ~ Unnanehmlichkeit verursachen
to put (s.o.) on to deceive or pretend (often by teasing or joking)
~ ~ täuschen
promote marketing job
Payback is a bitch Rache ist süß
Penny wise, pund foolish Sparsam im Kleinen, aber im Großen verschwenderisch
People who live in glass houses should not throw stones Menschen, die im Glashaus sitzen, sollen nicht mit Steinen werfen
Practice makes perfect Übung macht den Meister
Pride comes before the fall Hochmut kommt vor dem Fall
Promises are made to be kept Was man verspricht, muss man halten
to quake to remble
~ ~ beben, erzittern
quite fairly
~ ~ ziemlich
quiet down be silent
read up on to research
reasonable fair
~ ~ angemessen
red-handed comitting a crime
~ ~ jmd. auf frischer Tat ertappen
to receive to get
~ ~ erhalten
refrain chorus
~ ~ Refrain
reliable dependable
~ ~ zuverlässig, verlässlich
religious devout
~ ~ religiös
remainder the rest
~ ~ der Rest, das Übrige
remark comment
~ ~ Bemerkung
reminiscence memory
~ ~ Erinnerung
remorse regret
~ ~ Reue
remoted isolated
~ ~ abgelegen
removable detachable
~ ~ abnehmbar
to renew to resume
~ ~ wiederaufnehmen
to renounce to give up
~ ~ aufgeben
repute reputation
~ ~ Ansehen
to respond to reply
~ ~ antworten
revolting disgusting
~ ~ ekelig
rubbish nonsense
~ ~ Quatsch
rude impolite
~ ~ grob, ungezogen, unhöflich
rule out reject, eliminate as a choice
run down looks for and finds
run against compete in an election
run away with escape/elope
~ ~ durchbrennen
run for campaign for eleciton
run away leave quickly, escape
run into (also said "bump into") a chance meeting
run off chase s.o.
run out off use the last of sth.
to rue to regret
~ ~ bereuen
reduce decrease
~ ~ reduzieren
redundant superfluous
~ ~ überflüssig
reference according to
~ ~ bezüglich
reimburse indemnify
~ ~ entschädigen
reluctant unwilling
~ ~ widerwillig
remove take away
~ ~ entfernen
reproach scold
~ ~ schimpfen
retractable withdrawable
~ ~ einziehbar
ridiculous absurd
~ ~ lächerlich
ride over go by car or bicyle tow here s.o. is
ripp off cheat/steal from
ring off hang up the telephone
rinse off rinse the surface off
~ ~ abspülen
rinse out rinse the inside off
~ ~ ausspülen
riotous violate
~ ~ gewaltsam
to resign to quit abondon, sign off, to give notice
row fight
round off change a fraction to the nearest whole number
rarely drinks wine hardly ever drinks wine
Rats desert the sinking ship Die Ratten verlassen das sinkende Schiff
sacristy vestry
~ ~ Sakristel
save up accumulate
~ ~ sammeln
satisfied convinced
~ ~ überzeugt
scarcity shortage
~ ~ Knappheit
scrumptious delicious
~ ~ lecker
second moment
~ ~ Moment
send back return to the former place
send over send to s.o. else
see about find out about/make arrangements
see thorugh complete in spite of obstacles
see off be with s.o. when they leave (for a trip)
see to arrange, supervise, tend to
to save your bacon to avoid punishment
~ ~ Strafe vermeiden
to select to choose
selection choice
~ ~ Auswahl
sell out sell ownership
self-assured confident
~ ~ zuversichtlich
set back a delay
settle for agree to accept sth. that wasn't you first choice
settle up pay a bill or debt
settle on make a choice/decision
signal sign
~ ~ Signal, Zeichen
significant meaningful
~ ~ bedeutungsvoll
silly foolish
~ ~ blöd
sincere honest
~ ~ aufrichtig, ehrlich
slip up make a mistake
skull cranium
~ ~ Schädel
soiled dirty
~ ~ be-/verschmutzt
spotlight highlight
~ ~ Glanzpunkt, Schlaglicht
stable steady
~ ~ beständig
~ ~ dauerhaft
steady regular
~ ~ regelmäßig
step aside move to one side
stupid silly
~ ~ dumm
stick up for defend
substantially considerably
~ ~ wesentlich
suggest propose
~ ~ vorschlagen
sundown sunset
~ ~ Sonnenuntergang
sunrise dawn
~ ~ Sonnenaufgang
~ ~ Dämmerung
sure certain
~ ~ sicherlich
surroundings environment
~ ~ Umgebung
to survive to outlive
~ ~ überleben
to symbolize to represent
~ ~ verkörpern, symbolisieren
scare frighten
~ ~ Angst haben
section copartment
~ ~ Abteil
settle fix
~ ~ Gewohnheit
shut up stop talking
shall be must be
~ ~ müssen
shelf rack
~ ~ Regal
should ought
~ ~ sollte
show off behaving as though one is superior to other people/exhibit possessions in a boastful way
~ ~ sich hervortun
show up do a better job than
slow up/slow down cause to move more slowly
speed velocity
~ ~ Geschwindigkeit
spell out sarcastic way to say sth., and be sure that there definitely is no misunderstanding
splendently brilliantly
~ ~ glänzend
started incipient
~ ~ anfänglich
stand up not keep a date or appointment
sweep out sweep the inside of
~ ~ auskehren
subsequent supplementary
~ ~ zusätzlich, spatter, folgend
systematic methodical, done or conceived according to plan or system
~ ~ systematisch
staff employees, personel
stay over spend one night or longer with s.o.
Spanish man Spaniard
stubborn obstinate
~ ~ hartnäckig
splendid brilliant
~ ~ großartig
shoplifter thief
stamina endurance
~ ~ Ausdauer
stand by wait
stand out be noticeable
~ ~ herausstechen
stand for represent
stand up for defend
stand up to confront
to snooze nap
slanting bent, curved, turned
~ ~ abschüssig
summit top, climax, peak
single file moving/standing one behind the other in a line
Slow and steady wins the race Was lange währt, wird endlich gut
Speech is silver silence is gold Reden ist Silber, Schweigen ist Gold
Still waters run deep Stille Wasser sind tief
Strike while the iron is hot Schmiede das Eisen solange es heiß ist
take after physically resemble/inherit certain qualities
~ ~ jmd. ähneln
take back return
take care of help/provide for
take down write from dictation
take over assume command
take off remove a piece of clothing
take up begin or start a hobby
talk back to answer rudely
talk over discuss
tailored tailor-made
~ ~ maßgeschneidert
temper mood
~ ~ Laune
tear down mock, belittle/critisize
terror terrosism
~ ~ Terror
testament testimony
~ ~ Testament
tell off tell s.o. bluntly what he or she did wrong
~ ~ bluntly = freiraus
tell on (slang: rat on/snitch on) report misbehavior
~ ~ verpetzen
today nowadays
~ ~ heute
torpid lethargic
~ ~ teilnahmslos
touch on briefly mention
touch up repait (can also mean a woman fixing her makeup or hair)
touchdown landing
~ ~ Landung
touchy sensitive
~ ~ empfindlich
to transform to convert
~ ~ umbauen, umformen
to tighten your belt to become frugal, to decrease in spending
transitority temporary
~ ~ vorübergehend
transparent obvious
~ ~ klar, offensichtlich
trustworthy reliable
~ ~ zuverlässig
twister tornado
twosome pair
~ ~ Paar
terrific fantastic
~ ~ fantastisch
think over consider sth. for some period of time
tiny minute
~ ~ winzig
tie up bind
~ ~ verbinden
tire out exhaust
~ ~ erschöpfen
tick off make s.o. angry
try on wear a garment to check the fit and how it looks
~ ~ garment = Kleidungsstück
try out for audition
try out uses a machine to see if it works
tread step on
throw up to remind s.o. (in a scolding or mocking tone of voice) of sth. they did wrong
throw away discard
throw out discard
throw over reject a person
turn around face the opposite direction; make a radical change in things (usually from bad to good)
turn down reduce the volume
turn in deliver to the authorities or s.o. in charge (boss,_parents,_teachers)
turn into become
turn off bore or repulse (informal)
turn on activate by using a handle or switch
turn out produce
turn up increase the volume
Talk of the devil Wenn man vom Teufel spricht
Take a care of the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves Wer den Pfennig nicht ehrt ist des Talers nicht wert
That's old hat Das ist ein alter Hut
The early bird catches the worm Der frühe Vogel fängt den Wurm, Wer zuerst kommt mahlt zuerst, Morgenstund hat Gold im Mund
The end justifies the means Der Zweck heiligt die Mittel
The last straw that breaks te camels back Der Krug geht so lange zum Wasser bis er bricht
The pot calling the kettle black Ein Esel schmipft den andern Langohr
The proof of the pudding is in the eating Probieren geht über studieren
There's no fool like an old fool Alter schützt vor Torheit nicht
Third time is a charm Alle guten Dinge sind drei
Tit for that Wie du mir so ich dir
To blow one's own trumpet Eigenlob stinkt
To carry coals to Newcastle Eulen nach Athen tragen
to call a spade a spade Das Kind beim Namen nennen
To drop a brick Ins Fettnäpfchen treten
Too many cooks spoil the broth Zu viele Köche verderben den Brei
To pull s.o.'s leg Jemanden auf den Arm nehmen
To put the pedal to the metal Vollgas geben
To ride shotgun Beifahrer sein
Two wrong's don't make it right Ein Unrecht hebt das andere nicht auf
There's no accounting for taste Über Geschmack lässt sich nicht streiten
The pitchers goes often to the well and gets broken at last Der KRug geht so lange zum Brunnen bis er bricht
the devil takes the hidmost Den letzten beißen die Hunde
Time will tell Kommt Zeit kommt Rat
Twice the pride double the fall or: Pride goes before a fall Hochmut kommt vor dem Fall
ultimate final
~ ~ letzte
uncared for neglected
~ ~ vernachlässigt
uncommon unusual
~ ~ ungewöhnlich
uncooked raw
~ ~ roh
undeniable indisputable
~ ~ unbestreitbar
understandable comprehensible
~ ~ verständlich
unforeseen unexpected
~ ~ unerwartet
unfortunate unlucky
~ ~ unglücklich, bedauerlich
unhurt unharmed
~ ~ unbeschädigt
uninjured unhurt
~ ~ unverletzt
unlawful illegal
~ ~ gesetzwidrig, illegal
unmarried single
~ ~ ledig
unstated unspoken
~ ~ unausgesprochen
untimely premature
~ ~ vorzeitig
untrue unfaithful
~ ~ untrue
unusual strange
~ ~ ungewöhnlich, fremd
unvoiced voiceless
~ ~ stimmlos
uprising rebellion
~ ~ Aufstand, Rebellion
usually generally, normally
~ ~ gewöhnlich
unprotected defenceless
~ ~ ungeschützt
uproar tumult
~ ~ Lärm
utterly completely, absolutely, entirely
vacancy emptiness
~ ~ Lehre
to vacuum to hoover
~ ~ Staub saugen
vague indistinct
~ ~ undeutlich, unklar
vain useless
~ ~ vergeblich, nutzlos
valueless wortless
~ ~ wertlos
to vanquish to conquer
~ ~ besiegen
to vary to differ
~ ~ abweichen, sich unterscheiden
vast huge, enormous
~ ~ gewaltig
virtue advantage
~ ~ Vorteil
to visualize to imagine
~ ~ sich etwas vorstellen
valour courage
~ ~ Mut
vigilant watchful
~ ~ aufmerksam
wait for wait unti s.o. or sth. arrives or is finished
wait up for stay awake to wait for sth. or s.o.
warranty guarantee
~ ~ Garantie
walk back return to a previous point
walk over walk to where s.o./sth. is
wake up make s.o. stome sleeping
watch out be careful
watch out for be careful of
wash off wash the surface
wash out wash the inside
wear off fade and disappear, or lose effect through use time
wear out become used to
wear out/to be worn out no longer useable
well mannered polite
~ ~ höflich, gesittet
well timed timely
~ ~ rechtzeitig
we're all set we're ready to go
winery vineyard
~ ~ Weingut
wind up finish
wipe off wipe the surface
wipe out wipe the inside of
to withstand to resist
~ ~ widerstehenm standhalten
winging flying
~ ~ fliegen
to worsen to aggravate
~ ~ verschlimmern
work out solve a problem
wrap up finish
wrap up (also said "bundle up") dress warmly
write down record in writing
write out write every detail
write s.o. up a negative report written by a supervisor about an employee
What goes around comes around Man erntet das was man säet, Alles rächt sich irgendwann
What you deserve is what you get Man bekommt das was man verdient
What goes around comes around Wie man in den Wald hineinruft so schallt es heraus
What the eye does not see the heart cannot grieve over Was ich nicht weiß macht mich nicht heiß
When the cat's away the mice will play Katz aus dem Hause rührt sich die Maus
Whe two perople quarrel a third rejoices Wenn sich zwei streiten freut sich die dritte
Where there is a will there is a way Wo ein Wille ist ist auch ein Weg
You can easely fall into your own trap Wer andern eine Grube gräbt fällt selbst hinein
ou cannot change the habits of a lifetime Was der Bauer nicht kennt das frisst er nicht
You can't make an omelette without breaking eggs Wo gehobelt wird fallen Späne
You can't study on a full stomach Voller Bauch studiert nicht gern
You can't teach an old dog new tricks Was Hänschen nicht lernt lernt Hans nimmermehr
You don't now the vlue of water before the well runs dry Man weiß erst was man hatte wenn man es verloren hat
You can't examine the teeth nof a gift horse Einem geschenkten Gaul schaut man nichts ins Maul
zenith peak
~ ~ Scheitelpunkt
zonk out falls asleep because of being very tired


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